Thursday, October 18, 2007

More inspiration!

Music is a creative art. And creativity is often motiviated by inspriation.

Now, this means it's important to get inspired!

This musical quest that I'm partaking in is teaching me a lot about life. Discipline was one of the first lessons presented to me (and one I'm still working on.) In order to gain proficiency at anything, one must focus, and concentrate.

The second lesson builds on the first:

The fuel, incentive, and reason for discipline is sometimes: Inspiration!

When we find our discipline lacking, and our creativity drained, getting inspired is important.

Try flipping on some music that turned you into a musician. The original tunes that rocked.
For me, it was simpler stuff than what's in my CD collection now...But it rocks, and it brings back that feeling of awe.

Going to see a concert is a great way to get pumped up. I'm gonna be at the Van Halen show (fingers crossed that they'll have a show) on the 1st. I plan on being inspired. Small jazz shows are just as nifty as the mega arena tours. One of the most inspirational concerts I've seen cost five bucks to get in to, and seated 40 people at the most. It felt like a private lesson with a world class jazz band. Far out.

And for more ideas, look outside of your field. I got up early today to look at the planets through a telescope. Have y'all SEEN Saturn through a scope before? It's incredible. You can see the rings. It's literally out of this world. I was also doing some looking last night, and I saw a gigantic city of stars who's light took 33,600 years to get to earth. And my eye caught some of those photons. Wow.

(BY THE WAY, on the subject of astronomy....It is so way cool to check out things that are millions of light years away - from your backyard! Sure, it looks like a smudge you can barely see, but by Jimi, it's a galaxy, and that's inspiring.)

I'm off to go practice. I'm inspired.

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neo said...

its crazy how are thoughts are so similar! A lot of your posts are stuff I've thought of earlier. "Discipline requires inspiration" is something I recently figured out. And there I read it on your blog.