Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Think Big!

Greetings, intrepid surfers of the cyber ocean!

I'm up on my virtual soapbox today, preaching away again!

And boy, I've got a good sermon for you!

Lately, the spirit of entrepreneurship has gripped me, and my family as well.
Every single person in my house is self employed, and the best part is, we actually have food to eat, a place to stay, and clothes to wear. In other words, we're making it. And we're aiming high. Soon, you'll all be working for...My cousin, because he will own the world. But seriously, folks, we're intent, and we're focused, and to quote George W. Bush, we're all a "Pit Bull on the Pant Leg of Opportunity."

This is exciting, to say the least. And as an educator, what do I do when I get a bee in my bonnet? I try to rile everyone else up! (I must have been a revolutionary or a preacher in my past life....)

These times, noble axemen, (and axewomen), are for you! They're the times to have big goals! To aim high. And to use lots of italics! (I just figured out the hot key on my keyboard for fonts, so I'm having fun.)

Did you know that Google bought YouTube for $1.6 billion dollars? And how it was started by three former PayPal employees?

This is so exciting to me. Three guys have a great idea, and they make it happen. No wimpy "Oh well, I think I'll wait for the right time." The time is now, baby, and if you don't jump, you're gonna miss da boat!

People tell me that they'd really like to do something on their own that's visionary, world changing, and unique. Then they usually add "well, I have to wait a few years till I get settled."

Bro, once you get settled, you ain't gettin' un-settled, and that's a fact. Change, upheaval, and turmoil are fabulous birthing times for insanity, genius, and world domination!

And the same goes for music. I've read, been told, discouraged, and advised to have low goals, to shoot for something that is "safe," and that I really "don't stand a chance, because nobody does." (And of course, to have a backup!)

"Waiter, I'd like a whole loaf of bread, because I have enough baloney to make ten sandwiches."

I don't know about you, but a suburban home with an average income, a "daily grind," and some time to mow the lawn after work ain't my idea of "safe."

Actually, that sounds pretty darn scary. I talk to a lot of people, and the average workin' folks ain't happy. Now, we know that happiness isn't related to career or material things, but still....I think giving up on dreams really damages peoples' souls.

I read a quote from a book by an excellent author and musician named Livingston Taylor...It reads (roughly):

"Somebody's got to write the hit songs."

And that's true.

Somebody's got to be playing the Verizon center, or they'll be out of business. And somebody's gotta make the next YouTube. Those companies don't just grow on trees.

So: When are you gonna stop buying the mediocrity, and do something with yourself?

Sure, the chances of radical success are slim, but remember what Lloyd from "Dumb and Dumber" said when Mary told him that his chances are one in a million, he hollered at the top of his lungs

"I have a chance! Yes!!!!"

Now: go build your empire.


Anonymous said...

YES! THANK YOU! You've said what I'm thinking!
I'm a kid starting out at life, and I figure I've gotta choose what I become. I don't know what that is, but dammit, your way sounds a hell of a lot better than what anyone else taught me. So I bought myself a bass, pulled up some tabs, and started readin' your The Crusade collum over at Ultimate Guitar. So I follow the link and your ideaology is perfect. Cheers for the inspiring words.

neo said...

great! we think alike!