Friday, October 5, 2007


Thank Jimi it's Friday!

I've got some good musical insights for ya today, but as usual, here's something first........

Did you know that the space age started fifty years ago yesterday? Yes sir, Sputnik was launched, and so was the space race, where we frantically built rockets, blew stuff up, and proved that American radio always had it shortcomings (they edited out half of the astronaut's speech! What, did he cuss?)...We also worked to gather important scientific information; mainly, proving that the moon certainly is a rock, and that it's really cold out there.

Man, don't get me started on that radio bit...

But seriously, folks, I was out looking at the sky last night, and I tried to imagine my Dad and his little buddies looking up at the 1957 sky, at this thing called "Sputnik."

Talk about a quantum leap. Sure, there were planes, but this was something in orbit!
Towards the stars! In space.

We've spent eons gazing upward toward the twinkling lights of the night, but these spunky Russians said "hey, we're gonna have a piece of that!"

And they did.

Sure, it looked like a flying Daddy-Long-Legs, but it was there, and for me, fifty years later, standing in my backyard pondering this, it teaches a powerful lesson.

Best summed up in one of my Mom's favorite quotes:

Don't wish upon a star - reach for one!

We are largely a society of followers. Eating lunch last Friday, I saw a guy walk across the parking lot, and his clothes made him look ridiculous. (You know it's bad if I'm saying it!) But it was in style! Can you say "baaaah?"

We tap licks out 'cause Eddie did, scrunch up our face cause Stevie made it cool, and even play our guitars backwards 'cause Jimi did.

But when are we gonna reach for our goals, hopes, and dreams, and quit following?

Sheep of the world! Unite! (OK, maybe my pink hair is turning me into a communist...)

But seriously, folks. What are you waiting for? Your guitar teacher to show you the lick to rule the world? Or possibly the latest gizmo to make you sound like God?

I suggest you start your plans for world domination right now.

Otherwise, (and I am joking).... the Russians might beat you!

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