Monday, March 10, 2008

Mind games

Wow, this week has gone by fast!

I've been preparing for a few gigs. And the topic that's really jumped out at me this week is the importance of confidence.

In other words, I need to rely on my mind. Uh oh!

A vintage tube amp as a great tone. A '57 strat has a great tone. But the best tone of all is the one of confidence and comfort. It's the missing ingredient in the sonic stew that many of us are seeking.

For guitar players, it's helpful. For vocalists, it appears to be even more important. Man, when I'm practicing my singing, my "tone" (or lack of it!) appears to be directly affected by if I think it sounds pathetic or really happenin'.

Getting in a good mindset, for me, is very important. As strange as it sounds, doing push ups before a show can really help! (Just make sure you don't throw out your wrists.) Secondly, acting with confidence can be the catalyst for inspiring it. If you don't feel it, act like it anyway. Oftentimes it will appear.

Let the audience get you pumped up. A scene that's burned in my brain is of David Lee Roth viewing a packed Verizon Center at a Van Halen show and hollering "Look at all the people!"
If there's not a packed house, go inward, summon an image of your favorite rock star, or similarly confident person, and draw on those influences.

Practicing confidence and stage presence is a super duper good thing to do. And you know what? As scary as it can be's fun!

Aim to burn the stage down. Incinerate it. (Just not literally.)

Rock on!

(Hey, check back in a few days, 'cause my Roland Guitar Synth is due to arrive today! Woohoo!)

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