Friday, April 25, 2008

Be my friend!


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It's really great to hear from folks all over the world. A shout out to Michelle in Australia, too!
I live in a boring town near Washington, DC, USA. My house ain't borin', and my life is cool, but the town...well, it could use a few things. So it's very cool to hear from folks everywhere. If you guys are into the myspace thing, check it out!

Secondly, I'd like to highlight the dangers of solid-body electric guitars. I was teaching the other day, and I had my Fender Strat balanced on my knee. My clients, especially Bob, will attest to the fact that I've got a problem when it comes to keeping cables and cords untangled. Well, a headphone cable got tangled up in the wheel of my office chair. I leaned over to free it. My guitar almost fell off my lap, but I caught it by moving quickly, and banging it squarely under my chin. The music stand almost hit poor Nick in the face, too. Wow. I was even bleeding slightly.

A self-centered random Josh story? No!

The moral of the story: Do not hit yourself in the face with a Fender Strat. It doesn't sound good, and the message it gives your audience is another good reason for bleached-blonde jokes.

So don't do it!

And be my friend!

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