Friday, April 4, 2008

New Hero

Happy Friday!

Man, I think it's important to have heroes. A role model you can kinda carry around in your head..."What Would Jimi Do?" when faced with this musical situation. Would Arnold put the weights down just yet?

I've got a new hero, and you folks are in TROUBLE. As the new head of human resources in the Josh world, will you please welcome...Mr. T!

I think it will help my guitar playing. The guitar playing world in general, and me in particular, is subject to a lotta waffling. Should we get the Monster cable, or the Planet Waves cable? The Les Paul, or the Strat?

Now, I'll just ask my inner Mr. T.

He might just growl "Shut up, fool!"

Timeless wisdom. Sometimes, we've just gotta shut up, pick up that guitar, and jam! I've been trying to record a new demo, and I might as well be in IHOP, with all the waffling I'm doing..."I can't find the right tone, man" I was whining to my folks over lunch. Man, I can hear Mr. T growling, so I'd better shut up and quit whining. I think his advice is great.

See if you can use Mr. T's advice in your playing! (And if the drummer in your band is acting up, as they always do, you can just smite 'em, and throw 'em in a dumpster. Ha ha!)

Grrrrrr! Go practice!


Anonymous said...

More advice.

Anonymous said...

Excellant advice. I'm gonna go practice now.