Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not there!

I spend a lot of time in two main places.

My head, and my studio. Ha!

And I've been looking for something. My students have also been looking for the same thing. And we're not gonna find it.

It's The Silver Bullet.

We all want a magic pill to swallow that will make us shred like Paul Gilbert. A book we can eat to allow us to comp chords like Joe Pass.

I was at the gym, and I saw an ad on the tv for "The amazing body makeover - no gym required!"

I want something that will make me think differently instantly. (I think they call it "prozac!")

I think a lot of us want to change our lives, both musically and personally. I was sitting at a stoplight today, feeling frustrated that I couldn't just "snap" into a different mindset. I sit down to my music, and get aggravated that I can't instantly shred.

And most of all, I get frustrated waiting for that darn silver bullet to magically change things.

I realized, sitting at that stoplight, that all that I'm working towards is incremental. If I want to ever be not skinny, I gotta pick up the weight, and start liftin'. If I want to shred, instead of buying another book, I need to put on the metronome, and slowly get there.

If I'm sitting on the side of the highway of life, I shouldn't be waiting for that corvette to pick me up.

I should just start walkin'.

Walk on!

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Anonymous said...

I often find myself in a similar mindset where I feel like that silver bullet is just out of reach. If I could just wrap my head around that one more thing, I'll be on the fast track to greatness. But it's never like that. There are lots of exciting eureka moments along the way, but always on a small scale. They make it all worth it nevertheless.

I think the key is to get addicted to the process. Trick yourself if you have to, just learn to love it. If I ever lose enthusiasm, I convince myself that I need to practice to get my daily fix.