Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be a Man

Yo Rockers!

Man, did y'all hear about Chris Brown wailing on Rihanna? Geeze, bro, I don't like to follow all the celebrity chatter, but that really sucks. Domestic violence always sets me off. About a year ago, I went down to the local "racetrack" (parking lot) to run go karts with my brothers. We walked in on some lady who got popped in the face by her boyfriend. "Police! Call the police!" I thought she was laughing. She was sobbing. Her boyfriend drove off in a hurry. I'll never forget her face - a mask of pain, blood, tears, and sorrow.We waited with her for a half hour for the cops to show up, and finally took her back home so Mom could help her get her bloody face clean.

She wasn't hit that bad - she could have probably have gone to work the next day with a band aid and a clever story. But let me tell you - she had a hole torn in her soul that you could have driven a mack truck through.

So, to be threatened, and beaten unconcious - and to have it all in the news - I can't imagine. And I doubly can't get over what's come out about her Dad. Quote: Fenty said he wouldn't tell his daughter what to do, he did say, "If it were me, I'd move on."

Now - if I had a daughter - and someone choked her till she passed out - First, I'd be on the phone with my soft talking buddy with an Italian accent and a big limo in LA. A few days later, I'd call Chris' mommy to to ask where I could send the flowers. "My sincere condolences about the loss of your son, Mrs. Brown. The roads are so dangerous nowadays."

Rihanna won't be alright for a long time to come - if ever. I have a piece of art hanging in my kitchen. It's a sculpture of a weeping woman's face. It's called "Sometimes." It was made by a lady who's had Rihanna's treatment times a thousand. And while I never have had to deal with something like that, it gives me just an inkling of what it must be like.

Just for the record, I'm not a fan of Rihanna's music. I'm a rock guy, bro! But this is about more than music.

Since I have an audience of young males, I'd like to remind you to be strong enough to be a gentleman. Take pride in your craft of music. Always play in tune, always play your best. And anywhere, anytime, keep your honor by honoring others. Hold your head up high, and be a good man. As musicians, we're examples. In the spotlight, we have the opportunity to inspire. Let's lead by example, and motivate our audience to good. Honor used to be big in the old days. Sure, it got out of hand, and people were shot over it in duels (classic male antics), but I think we can take the good from that school of thought.

There's pride in honor, and Chris Brown has no honor left. If he has any pride remaining, I hope the DA sees to it that he has time to cool off in a quiet place with some mandated time out.

Come on, gents (and ladies.) If we're disciplined enough to achieve a high level of musicianship, let's use what we've learned, and apply it to ourselves.

Rock on!

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skystar said...

I am just a nobody, who stumbled upon your blog, through your mothers' (bonesighs). I was impressed by what she had written there and that she wrote about her three sons. I also happen to love rock music. I read a couple of your entries and this one made me cry. Bless your heart and your brothers. I hope one day that you do have children because you will be the kind of parent that should have them. I am glad that you have blogged the words you did. Too many people in the entertainment industry don't use their influence to say the right things. There are women who do some really stupid things to. But, this time it was a woman who needed the tender care and you all were there to take her under your wings and I am sure she will be able to heal more easily. Some of the rest of us are still trying, it just took us a lot longer to find men like you. Take care.