Sunday, February 8, 2009

The ZakkFest - be there!


I was visiting my folks yesterday. I ran into the house, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and ran out. "I'd better make sure my car's not on fire." It wasn't. It occurred to me that I get pretty wound up.

And I haven't come unwound yet, because it's almost time for The ZakkFest.
What is it? It's a rock 'n roll recital for my clients! It's going to be very instructional. It's gonna show you how to rock.

Here's the deal:

What: A talent show/recital for my clients and their buddies.

When: Saturday evening, February 28th.

Where: My office building. It's gonna be loud.

Who: Students and their buddies.

Why: Because it's gonna be the coolest thing ever! It's a great opportunity for you to practice your live playing. Meet your fellow students! No matter if you've been playing for a week, or twenty years, come on up and play a song.

Details: I'll have a backline set up. That is, in every day terms, amps, effects, mics, and speakers. Just bring your favorite guitar, and rock on! Pick one or two songs that you'd like to play. If you'd prefer not to play, I need plenty of help setting up, tearing down (especially clean up!), running stuff, and being part of the crew.

I really encourage everyone to play. You might have only been playing for a little while, or maybe you're shy. This is a perfect opportunity for you to step into the spotlight, because there's no pressure, there's no prizes, and it's gonna be a very friendly crowd.

Be there!

So, I'll fill you in if you have any other questions. Come on, be a Juke Box Hero!

Rock on!

- Josh

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