Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A very hot fire

"Live your life like a very hot fire - leave nothing but white ash."
- Some guru dude

So - the ZakkFest is fast approaching. It's gonna be rockin'. It's the first ever recital that I'm hosting. As I'm training my little terrorists this week, I've noticed an extra urgency in both the learning, and the teaching. They're going on stage for real. So, they want to learn their part right. It's sink or swim time. It's awesome. And it's just what the lesson program needed.

In addition to learning the notes, we've also been learning about stage performance. The biggest issue is stage fright. I think everyone's afraid that they will look stupid.

Ironically, it's just this fear that brings that very thing on. I've encouraged everyone to pretend that they're not scared, no matter what they feel. "Be Dramatic!" I yell, waving my arms around.

Here's rule #1 for rockin' the house: Don't be halfway.

There's a fine line between genius and stupidity, and outward lack of confidence is the knot in the tight rope - it'll throw you off into lame land. I say outward because it really doesn't matter what you feel inside, it's what you project onstage. Think of yourself as a poker player. Make 'em think what you want 'em to think, not necessarily what's in your hand of cards.

And always, always, be 100% in rockin' the house. That's how Diamond Dave looks cool, when he could look like a complete moron.


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