Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Signalman Show: Levels and Levels

The Signalman Show is a blog companion to the podcast audio

  Hey, good evening!  And you thought I forgot about you!  NEVER!  Got a super quick thought for you tonight.

  Saw a cool story over the weekend.  A successful fella asserted that we have 18 hours a day to build empires.  He made the unfortunate mistake of putting a number on things.  People latched onto this on Twitter.  "I NEED MORE THAN SIX HOURS OF SLEEP!"  And so the argument devolved into how much sleep was good, and the original point was missed, that being:  Quit watching TV, and hustle.

  As a guitar instructor, I see this happen all the time, with my students, but especially myself.  Those excuses are sneaky, especially when we give our power away by arguing for their necessity, or defining their quantity.  Let's go make it happen!

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