Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Until We're Somebody

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  Good morning!  The Blue Jays are screaming at something, much like the political commentary I was reading this morning.  It's an interesting reminder about the benefits of obscurity.  Like you, I'm working hard to be somebody.  But in the mad dash to build castles of varying degrees of sand, it's worth noting the joy of the construction site, unfinished, and obscure.

  Auston Kleon, in his dope book "Steal Like an Artist" , observes that obscurity grants the emerging artist freedom to experiment without consequence.  (Buy the book, it's awesome.  I just picked it up - again - for $2.50 on Amazon's kindle store.)

  Should all of our hard work and dedication pay off, the spotlight will find it's way to our illustrious faces, as well as the Blue Jays who will scream and tweet their displeasure.  I was remarking to a friend last night at how this transition time of us millennials, between the initial launch of adulthood and the responsibilities of settling down, while lonely and sometimes without anchor, should be cherished as a rare period of solitude, halcyon days of personal freedom and power.  And so too is our obscurity at any age, before our blockbuster success.  I'm off to hustle some more.  But I'm also enjoying the breeze on my porch on this beautiful July day.  And oh, listen.  Silence.  The Blue Jays have flown away.

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