Sunday, September 28, 2008

Adobe Audition crash fix!

Yo Rockers!

Man, I just figured out a fix for Adobe Audition. If you're trying to record with this cool program, but your PC keeps actin' funny (and you don't know why!), try this:

- Uninstall Microsoft Intellipoint
- Uninstall Bonjour service (I think it's with iTunes, but I could be wrong.)

Audition does not like these guys, as I found out. I had problems with my recording screen "shimmying" around (like it was scared of the mouse or something!), and my computer would crash every five minutes or so. This usually happened when I was using a lot of effects on the tracks. I initially thought I needed more memory, so I added another 2 gb to my existing four. This still didn't fix it. After some googling, and seeing other folks' pain and solutions, I uninstalled Intellipoint and Bonjour. Presto! It works like a charm, now! A disclaimer: My computer has not blown up yet, but ask someone who knows what they're doing if it's ok to give these programs the pink slip before you uninstall 'em!

And it really works great with my new Presonus Firestudio Project FireWire interface! This is a cool piece of gear. I can record up to 8 XLR inputs simotaniously, and it sounds great. Plus, it's got some cool blue lights on it. I bought the unit from Randy over at Sweetwater. Those guys are great. I highly recommend 'em. Ask for Randy, and tell 'em Josh Urban sent you.

Rock on!


KyPPo said...

Are you certain that removing Intellipoint won't change some stuff? I mean, that software controls the Microsoft mouse, so it oughta change some controls, unless you don't use that mouse anymore.

Josh Urban said...

That's a darn good question! I'm using a wireless mouse and keyboard by microsoft. However, I haven't noticed any problems at all. I'm running Windows XP home. The mouse and keyboard both work great. I'm no computer wiz, but all I did was uninstall intellipoint and Bonjour, and it works great now.

KyPPo said...

Well, since you haven't experienced any changes to their functionality, I'll assume it's safe to uninstall.

Bonjour is some Apple stuff, that should be fine too, seeing how I never use iTunes.

Thanks for that post, I hope it helps!

Metzae said...

When you say "crash" do you mean the mind-numbing blue screen of death? Because that's what I'm experiencing. And when I talk about the blue screen of death, I mean it locks up the computer and before I can read the first line of the error, my computer automatically reboots. I was having this problem a year ago but it wasn't as frequent, but now that I have an iPod I just can't get it to run without pure death. If this fix works, you are DA MAN! Thanks for the heads up.

NinjA said...

The problem i have is with all Media softwares including AA3, Windows Movie Maker etc. if i add an effect on AA3 (such as noise reduction) it will crash my computer straight away or at a random time. no blue screen of death or nothing like that, my computer just crashes making the screen all funny looking like theres 100's of AA3 applications running... then i have to restart my pc manually. any help plz???

Αντώνης Δ. Πολίτης said...

I think that you are right!
It has been puzzling me for a while...

Steven said...

you're a genius! uninstalling bonjour appears to have wroked. i had problems with crashing and mixing down, and it looked like some synths didn't work. often, i would sequence something, and upon playing it back, it would be messed around with, and when it came to mixing down, it was a complete mess, nto to mention the cosntant crashing weh ndoing the simplest of things. i will continue to use audition to make sure it's not a fluke. Thanks for the fix :)