Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rockin' da' park

Hey Rockers!

Whew, what a great show in the park today! Thanks to Jason and Brad for showing up and being roadies and merch guys! Thanks also to Libby and Tanner for checkin' things out.

Here's two lessons I learned today:

1. ALWAYS bring water. I thought my throat was gonna give up on me or something while I was singing. Bring it.

2. Great shows, or lousy ones, are a state of mind. If you're on top of your game mentally, you'll probably do great. Of course, warming up and practicing, the physical aspect of it, contributes just as much. If you think you can do, you can. And if you think you can't, pretend you can!

Here's a specific, too. While you're rehearsing for your next gig, keep in mind that your amps will probably be quieter at your show. Folks need to hear themselves think, and us electric guys tend to crank things a bit too loud. Be sure that you can "get off" to a great start with a quiet amp as well as a loud one. Practice with both, as they're very different. A loud amp spits dynamics galore at you, not to mention feedback. A quiet amp tends to make me hit the strings too hard, and not let the amp work.

Rock on!


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