Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day To Me!

Heyyy heyyy heyyy!

Happy Labor Day, all you US readers. And to all you lucky Non-US readers, too!

I'm proud to announce that today marks the four years of me as a guitar teacher. I started my teaching business on Wednesday, September 1st 2004 at Hot Licks Guitar Shop, in Waldorf, MD. This dude, who we shall call Kwame, was my first lesson in a tiny little teaching room, and mann, I was scared to death. He was just there for one lesson, as he wanted to use his lesson coupon up.

I always have had weird tastes in music, and weird licks in my library, but Kwame knew exactly all of them. Darn you, Kwame! Why'd you have to know all that? Haha! But seriously, dude, thanks for sitting through my first lesson.

I just saw Kwame the other day. He stopped by to jam, along with another buddy and former student, who we shall call Gustave. Kwame, Gustave, and I had a nice jam session, shared some stories, and had fun listening to Gustave's new 12-string guitar.

Four years after that scary day, I've got my own teaching studio (just a small room, but it's cool), and I'm supporting myself with the business. I've met some super cool people, learned so much from my students, and have had lots of fun teaching folks to play music. From little kids learning heavy metal, to adults struggling with theory, it has been an honor and a privilege to sit in my comfy chair and help 'em out.

Some of my favorite memories and aspects of teaching are....Faking my way through "Eruption" and passing it off to a punk student as the real deal (he refused to practice his homework unless I did so)....Seeing the light bulb go off over various clients' heads when explaining theory to them...Christmastime, because everyone brings me cookies, gift cards, presents, and generally makes me feel special...Teaching anyone a cool rock song for the first time...Receiving student artwork - a hand drawn Guns 'N Roses poster, a drawing of my car, you name it!

It's been great, and I look forward to many more years of learning - and teaching!

I hope in the next four years students will have the opportunity of seeing me at many local gigs, and getting on the guest list for a bunch of big shows. I'm working my darndest to be able to show 'em around a tour bus, too.

I'm going to work hard at improving the lesson program even further, and as always, keep it as crazy as ever.

Thanks, everyone, and I'll see you at the studio!

- Poodleman

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