Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well, I'm CERTAINLY not missing YOU!

Gooood morning, folks in the blog world!

Well, I'm sitting here, listening to my favorite musicians chirp away in the morning stillness (crickets), and I've got another idea to share with you.

First off, my brothers have been accusing me of either loving something, or hating it. I guess that's true. Pizza and corvettes are awesome, and if it's cilantro or a Honda Prelude, I'll have it stuffed! Hey, nothin' wrong with feeling strongly about life, right?

Well, well, well....! Call me grumpy, but I was at the gym last night, and I saw another video that annoyed me. Some R&B track by Stacie Orrico called "I'm not missing you."

Hmm. Creative. Wow, I bet I've never heard a song like that before. (And with the sunglasses she was wearing, I'd cheat on her, too. Ha!)

So many of the songs out there, especially the ones that are popular on the music video circuit, seem to be a lousy excuse for these "artists" to live the dream of an eight year old girl who wants to be a pop star, and extract revenge on anyone who's ever looked down on them by...having their own helicopter. (Don't get me wrong, I think that's an excellent way to proceed if that's your goal.) As another video sums it up, "It's all about me." Sure, I don't want to watch some geek talkin' about the economy while rapping, but still...The world is so messed up right now, and I'd really like to see some concern in the artistic community. Hey, you can still have a hot car and ten gorgeous back up singers, too!

We've got guys like Troy Davis who are about to be unjustly executed for a crime they didn't commit. (By the way, help the fella out - He needs it badly.)

The point is, fellas - let's use our music to speak - to matter. We don't have to play serious stuff all the time, but make each note matter. Sometimes, bringing folks a bit of joy is just as important as waking them up.

When I play in dive bars, which happens too frequently, I like to try to play with as much excellence as I can. Bars can be sloppy places, and if I can bring something in there that's not, perhaps it will reach one person, and help one life. Hey, maybe not, but it's worth a try.

And please, help Troy Davis out. He could use it, and it'll only take a moment.

Rock on!

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