Saturday, October 3, 2009

The 6th Annual Silly Hat Contest - Happy Birthday, SRV!


Well, it's almost over, but today's date marks the advent of one of the Rock Gods' gift to humankind - Happy Birthday, Stevie Ray Vaughan!

And, as some of you know by now, this kicks of the 6th Annual Silly Hat Contest! Wear your silliest topper for a chance to win!

Yes sir, Stevie sure liked his strange hats. Besides being my favorite guitar player, I also admire the guts it takes to wear something like this:

So, barely a month into at my teaching gig five years ago, I decided to honor the dude's birthday, and do something fun for my students. The First Annual Silly Hat Contest was born, and has been rockin' ever since! I've had people wearing light up hats (Zach!), custom made hats with mini-guitars hanging from it and pictures of SRV on it (Thomas!), a brain hat (Timmy!), and a super green cat in the hat hat...AND they had it on as the walked through Hot Licks Guitar Shop...Good job, Jake! (He was wondering why people were looking at him. They must have sensed his greatness as a future rock star.)

And the Silly Hat Contest is not just for students anymore! Here's the rules:

During the month of October, wear your silliest topper for a chance to win. Winners will be announced at the Monster Jam! Wear it in to a lesson, or if you can't make it, send a photo.

Doghouse readers -send a picture in! Bonus points to: a.) any student who wears the hat through the parking lot, up the stairs, and for the whole lesson, b.) any reader or student who takes the picture of themselves wearing the hat near a busy intersection or anywhere there's lots of people, c.) if anyone walks around playing "Willie The Wimp" while wearing their silly hat.

Rock ON!

And, of course, Happy Birthday, Stevie.

- Josh

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