Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brand it, sucka!


What's UP? Hey man, I've got a bee in my bonnet...again.
FYI - the phrase "Bee in my bonnet" refers to a thought, idea, or concept flying into my hat, and buzzing angrily around, forcing me to align my actions correspondingly - usually by yelling.

So one of my clients got VIP tickets to see KISS in concert. Man, oh man, you should see the pictures he brought by! He's standing in a room backstage, flanked by the band in full makeup. It is AWESOME.

And then I got a piece of direct mailing today that really set me over the edge. It's for a gym. You open it up, and the first thing you read is:

"Yadda yadda fitness center is committed to conducting business in a manner that demands respect for everyone seeking our services. We strive to ensure that there is no offensive language and appropriate attire is worn. One of the major focal points of.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

When I woke up, that bee was buzzing around trying to escape the bonnet.

Boooooooooooring. (And besides, when's the last time THEY'VE tried to lift a heavy weight - Jesus gains a few middle names...well, at least some of the fellas add them...)

Contrast that with the photo of Evan with KISS. Instantly recognizable.
The other one - uber professional, and uber BoRiNg.

Does your band bio say "Chronic Bleeding Death Sky is well versed in a variety of styles, including, but not limited to, blues, rock, pop, oldies, top forty, jazz, ska, and is quite reasonably priced for your next party, bar mitzva, or campfire..."

OR -

"During a concert by Chronic Bleeding Death Sky, the chicken littles are right - the sky really IS falling."

Brand it.

Make it cool.

(And that's not just for band bios.)


- Josh
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