Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Through the lens of an artist


OK, new insight here, so listen up, class! I've been observing an interesting phenomenon in myself and other students of guitar that doesn't seem to be shared by other artistic disciplines:

We simply view ourselves as invalid, unworthy students of an unattainable goal.

Sounds like a sick religion.

Go back a few days - I took a vacation, and boy, it was nice. I recently bought myself a nice digital SLR camera (a Canon XSi for you fellow geeks), and I had lots of fun interpreting the world through the lens as I see it. I consider the pictures my art, and I had great fun being creative.

Why is it when I pick up a guitar, I'm crushed under the weight of validity, standards, and trying to live up to Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar sound?

And I'd venture to guess I'm not the only one. I think most of my students consider themselves students - unable to make any valid artistic statement. Not only that, but it might not have even crossed their minds.

Start thinking about it, rockers! Create the next wave! Don't worry about being unique - you already are. Just play.

Another thing about vacation...My brother Zakk burned a CD of a lot of System of a Down. Those guys are so weird, it's refreshing. I don't think they're standing in the shadow of Eddie Van Halen.

So try approaching the instrument just as you would a camera - you're not gonna pick up a cool SLR and say "Oh, I'd better just stick to shooting the flowers in the front yard..." Would you?

- Josh

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JoyZAChoice said...

Josh, what a terrific thing to put up here. BRAVO! I remember when I was playing (& singing) I was always comparing myself...and it sucked! Once I got past it though, I swear it was like everything shifted overnight. I ditched the 'fear' and let it rip. THAT is when I got really fun. Thanks for tellin' the world!