Monday, October 19, 2009

Tough Angels - AND NEW SINGLE!


I need your high-voltage help!

Meet Patty. Originally from Colorado, she has traveled across the world to help the women and children trapped in South Africa's rape epidemic. Her stories are of incredible pain, unbelievable sadness, and unimaginable grace.

Enter my Ma.

Check it: She gets to hear from a lot of cool people through her transformational art business. Well, a customer wrote one day, one thing led to another, and she found out about Patty's cause. So, coming from strong German farmer roots, mom kicked it into high gear with a ridiculously short deadline, my brothers joined in the fight, and... launched yesterday. Visit it.

Cut to: Mad scientist Josh, cooking up sonic stews in his...OK, I won't refer to myself in the third person. Is that the third person? There's so many of 'em in my head, I lose track.

ANYways, I wrote a song for the site. It's available for download under the "Non-Profit Art" section of the site. Yes, you gotta pay, but every dime goes to Patty. Actually, three of them go to PayPal, but you know how that goes.
Interestingly enough, in what started out as just a side project song turned into my best one yet! It's got vocals, cool chords, and a neat little intro hook. I really hope you'll download it, and help support those women and children. They could really use it.

I'm very excited about the cause, and about my song. Help the world, and help Patty help the world! If you've learned something cool from this blog, or my articles, or would just like to help, download that song, man!

You know how they always say that it's good to write from different perspectives? I wrote this song from that of a Zulu woman. That's sort of a reverse-Michael Jackson morph right there! Amazing...

Peace! And spread the word!


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Sorrow said...

I hear an apple singing a lullaby to it's tree, you and yours are amazing...