Monday, August 15, 2011

Overthrowing a screen near you!

Hey Comrades!

DUDE there's some cool stuff going on Revolution-wise. I'm working on a top secret project, soon to be detailed soon. I'm getting ready for the college courses I'll be teaching. I'm recording that holiday EP, with the first track completed (mostly!) I've got the coolest piece of artwork I've ever photoshopped.

But why should you care? Well, at the moment, you shouldn't. Soon, you will. But for now, blah blah blah!

HERE'S the cool news. The Revolution continues, and it's coming to your living room. Or where ever you keep your computer and webcam. That's right, I'll be setting up shop for some Skype guitar lessons.

The Details
I need your help. I've been teaching guitar professionally for years, but I'm still getting the hang out of the video conferencing. It's a new teaching format, and I need some comrades to develop this program.

If anyone wants to hop on Skype or Google + for a few free lessons while I figure everything out, it would be so much fun!

I'm looking for a good cross-section of skill. Beginners, intermediate players, advanced name it! Basically, we'd set up a time, and we'd have a half hour lesson via videoconferencing. It's totally free, and a one or three time deal. Think of it as beta testing. I WILL be charging for it eventually, but during the initial phase, it's free! I'd love to have your help with the project!

The Chat

Who as Google +? If you don't have it, send me your email, and I'll send you an invite! It's got a group video chat feature called Hangout. I'll be hosting weekly chats on it for all you guitarists and non-guitarists alike! Let's confer on how to take over the world!

Check out the Comrade TV video I just shot for it:

Hope to see you online this Sunday! I'm thinking 1:00 pm or so, but I'll post some details closer to the date! Drop me an email if you'd like to attend!

Vive la Revolution!

- Josh

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