Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Morning Show: Broom Guitars

The Morning Show is a transcript of today's podcast audio as a blog companion

I have a lot of guitars, man.  None of them are outrageously priced when compared to other guitars, but compared to a block of wood with strings on it, well…..

Did I ever tell you the story of my broom guitar, though?  We might be friends because of it, actually.  I went to NYC on  my first street music tour with my fancy acoustic guitar, and...nobody noticed me.  There's a million acoustic guitarists in the world, and put next to the statue of liberty on stilts in Times Square, well, BORING!  I went back next year with a cigar box guitar that I had built, and people started to talk to me in the subway, on the street...everywhere.  THEN I made a broomstick into a guitar.  Props to my brothers for making sure it was pure broom, and not a weird guitar hybrid.  I put a guitar string on a broomstick, along with a a tin can, and an electric guitar pickup, and plugged that bad boy in.  Girls even talked to me, man.  I'm such a fan of innovation!  And I think it cost me a whopping nine dollars.  

(And the first broom guitar music video is HERE.)

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