Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Morning Show: Burn to Burn

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I've been sick, and it must have gone to my head.  I even cleaned my house for no reason.  This worried my mother.  After lounging around like a cat and falling asleep in the sun, I'm back, man, and I'm ready to shake things up.  This week's theme is ambition, and man, I want to be strong.  Strong mentally, strong in conviction, strong physically, strong in myself.  Something clicked in my head (besides the usual strange noise that happens when I walk funny), and I'd like to share.

  Previously, I've looked at Ambition as the striving for lofty goals, which would allow a rest, a reward, or other goodie once reached.  BUT - what if Ambition was the dedication to the burn.  

  What if we looked at ourselves like rocket engines, stocked with an unknown amount of fuel for our lifetimes.  We could burn fitfully and slowly, dying with unused fuel wasted.  Or, brightly, intensely, and with a roar that lights up the sky.  We'll still be here for the same amount of time, and the heights we reach - or don't reach - are irrelevant.  We dedicate ourselves to the burn, because that's what we do.  Who knows  how much fuel we have, or how far we'll go,  Only time will tell.  I'm reminded of gym rats - the men and women who go there to pump iron for the sake of pumping iron.  They get hooked on the process.  Sure, they're pleased with the results, and some may even win a few medals and movie roles along the way.  But they burn to burn.

 We'll be looking at this a little more in the next episode, but for today, try burning for burning's sake.

Houston, we have ignition!

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