Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Morning Show: Start Today

The Morning Show is a transcript of today's podcast audio as a blog companion.

Welcome to the morning edition of the Signalman show, bringing you a cool idea each weekday!  This week's theme is disproving the Equation that Cool = Money.  That is, attacking the misconception that we need to spend lots to create marvel.  

It's Friday, and today let's talk about something a little different than spending money - let's talk about technique and qualification.  Yesterday we talked about how waiting for fancy gear wasn't required to write that hit song, and today let's continue that thought about how ideas and technique (and qualifications) aren't always related, either.  Technique lets us express an idea.  Qualifications allow us to speak with authority on a subject.  But they are not the idea itself.  Sure, you might have a musical idea after practicing an advanced technique, or an insight while studying for that fancy degree.  But you also might have it walking across the street.  When I was 20, I decided to record a demo CD.  I had been playing professionally, had 40 guitar students a week, and...couldn't write a darn thing.  The development of ideas was a separate skill, far more disconnected to my technique and qualifications than I had realized.  So, don't wait to start thinking up cool things.  Sure, practice, study, get as good as you can, but don't wait to start speaking your mind, and your heart.  Good luck!  I'll be in the front row, listening.

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