Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Morning Show: Goals v. Process

The Morning Show is a blog companion to today's podcast audio.

Good morning!  Continuing Ambition Week, let's look at the Goals vs. Process mindset.  For me, the most moving scene in the movie Jobs (about Mr. Steve Jobs) is when he's crying on his father's shoulder after suffering a huge setback of his goals.  In the background, you see a photo of his friends, waving and smiling at the camera, loving the process when they were building that first computer in the garage.  It's caused a bit of cognitive dissonance for me.  Can one enjoy the process while maintaining focus on big goals?

  With a dedication to the burn, talked about in the last episode, I believe the answer is YES.  If I'm burning to burn (my phrase for dedication to putting in the work), then I'm focused fully on the process, and that intensity is the way for me to move forward to new heights.  If I'm viewing a goal as an oasis where I will find rest and happiness, not only is it often a mirage, but negates the joy of the grind and the hustle.  What do you think?  Let me know!  For now, light 'em up!

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