Monday, March 6, 2017

Mr. Mayor

Let's set the stage, shall we?  Walking out of the house side of the US Capitol, you decide you just need to clear your head and get away from the typical politicians.  You start walking...and walking.  South Capitol street winds its way past the stadium of the Washington Nationals, over the Anacostia river, through some of the rougher parts of the city, into Maryland, past apartments and concrete, turning into a proper highway.  "Indian Head 21 miles" a sign says above the roar of the rush-hour traffic.  A casino looms in the distance, and still you walk,  Gradually, the cars thin, the trees gather, and you arrive in Indian head,  a Navy town that's seen better days, with some of the buildings sporting boards instead of windows. Trudging up the steps to the little town hall, you can buy a mug with the town's seal on it for only $3, and when you ask to see the mayor, you might first be surprised to learn that he's only 21, then doubly impressed with the seriousness and gravity that he carries himself.  Unlike some of the fellows back where you started your walk, he's here to get stuff done.  Elected when he was 19, he's working to revitalize the blighted community and make his hometown a better place for all of us.  He graciously agreed to an interview, so let's listen in.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Mayor Brandon Paulin!

(Here's the interview.)

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