Monday, March 6, 2017

The Morning Show: On the Cackle

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Good morning, and welcome to The Signalman Show.  Happy MARCH, yo!  So, continuing with the idea that we're entrepreneurs of our lives, the CEO of our happiness...Here's a question:  what's your personality "brand?"  Here's a fun way to figure it out, through a little challenge:  find something that makes you cackle today.  You know, that delighted, mischievous laugh that shows your funny bone has been tickled, and is often uniquely you.  For example:  I recently got the Kimoji app, Kim Kardashian's texting app that lets you send weird emoji pictures of her face and all sorts of items via your phone.  I also got the book on Abe Lincoln called "Team of Rivals."  Yes, the book is awesome and will make me a better person.  But I like the app, too.  I think there can be both...and the app sure makes me cackle.  I've been annoying the heck out of my buddies by sending them all sorts of obnoxious Kim faces.  NOT that I'm suggesting that.  But still....Find something that makes you cackle.  It's fun...AND it'll help you learn more about yourself.

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