Friday, May 20, 2011

Ahoy! Pirates arrives to rock my world, and Tiffany's here to rock yours!

Ahoy, Comrades!

Let me hear you say Arrrrrrr! Yes, yes, Pirates 4 is out tonight, and I'll be there to see it. Can't wait! Johnny Depp is such inspiration for me to keep being a weirdo! I'm sure I'll have a few life lessons from the movie, so stay tuned.

Now, down to real music business here. I'm excited to announce that a colleague of mine has a really cool gig coming up.

Tiffany Thompson is a talented musician in the DC area, and good thing for all of us, she's a little more mellow than I am.

Check her out here.

Now, listen up, comrades. Anyone who's sat in my classroom has learned the song "A Horse with No Name" by America, right?

Get this. Tiffany will be opening for them on Thursday, May 27th, at the Birchemere, in Alexandria, VA at 7:00 pm.

Savvy, comrades? She's opening for America!

I'm super excited for her! What an awesome opportunity, and I think she'll be right at home on stage with such a legendary band. I hope you can make it out to her show!

I won't be able to make it due to my teaching schedule, but I will have all of my students plan an E minor chord really loud all at once, and hopefully the sound will be extra good luck for her.

Ahoy, mates, I'm outta here and changing into my best pirate clothes. Keep on rockin', and I'll talk to you soon. Savvy?

- Josh

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