Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The day I became a leader

'Sup, Comrades?

Today's post is a total about-face from yesterday's. Anyone want to hear about the day I became a leader?

I just realized it driving along to my studio. Over the muffled roar of the engine (I'll never get tired of it!), my mind drifted back to a place quite some time ago.

A distant relative had died. I was at the house, a creaky old house with two stories of floors and more than two of the narrative kind.

I was upstairs with my brothers, and a few random kids. We were bored out of our minds, slightly uptight from all the grieving going on, and well, kids. BAD combination.

We were clattering around like kids are apt to do, when all of a sudden, this other kid our age yells up the stairs "HEY! Be quiet up there!"

That is when Pfc. Josh became Lt. Prancer. In a flash, I looked around at my suddenly platoon of other hooligans. "Men! Stomp the floor!" I ordered. They obeyed, even the girl among us.

The kid downstairs is naturally incensed, and starts yelling and storming up the stairs.

"Men! Into the closet!" I barked. We all crammed in there. "Shhhh!"

The kid comes into the room, yelling "come out with your hands up!"

"Now!" I whisper.

We all charge out, yelling at the top of our lungs, right past the terrified kid, down the stairs, and out into the yard to freedom. I climbed up a tree. I'm not quite sure why. It wasn't exactly a good hiding place, being it was the middle of winter and right by the back door.

And that's the day I became a leader.

What's your story?

Vive la revolution!
- Josh

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terri st. cloud said...

i didn't know this story before!
shakin' my head.....