Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Doghouse!

Hey hey!

The Doghouse has passed the four year mark! Cooooooooolio! Happy Birthday, Doghouse!

I was reminded today that everything - EVERYTHING - is communication. You could say that everything is sales, but that's part of communication, too.

We're musicians, and music communicates ideas and feelings. However, to even get on stage, we need to spend quite a bit of time on the phone talking to the venue, time on the internet inviting our fans, time in person at band practice, etc etc.

All of this is wasted if the communication is poor. Sure, sure, it's a cliche, an abstract idea, and at first glance, pretty much a DUH.

But, I ask you, entertainer extraordinaries...Do you have a good handshake? Do you excel on the phone? Can you write a decent email? Look people in the eye?

Ha, now I'm yelling! But I'm just getting warmed up! *Switches to "thundering" mode.*

It's our music, and to get it out there, we gotta sell it like there's no tomorrow.

And according to some loonies, there's only 11 left. (May 21st marks the end of the world, they say.)

These communication skills are the limo in which the music rides to the concert in.

Sell it! Err...not the limo, your music.

Arrgh! I need to hone those skills...

- Josh

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