Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Revolution spreads!

Hey Comrades!

I've just started doing a cool new thing. Anytime I'm on the road with music, and I come to a toll, I give the operator a CD. (Well, to be fair, I skipped a few, but at least I gave out one!)

I handed one out about a month ago on my way to Richmond. Fast forward to this weekend, and I found myself at the same toll plaza that guards the bridge carrying US 301 south over the Potomac River. I went to get in the far right lane, and swerved back at the last minute, thinking it was closed. I pull up to the window...and the lady says "hey, still pumping out those CD's?"

It's fun being a relentless self-promoter.

Now, I'm sending the good folks at the copyright office an extra CD for them to keep. Let's hope they like it!

Try doing the same thing with your music, art, or whatever. It's amazing the people you'll meet. And every great gig starts off with meeting just one person.

Vive la Revolution!

- Josh

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