Monday, April 25, 2011

You're on the air at WDCE!


Wow! What a fun radio show on Saturday! For those of you who didn't get a chance to tune in, I'll be posting YouTube clips very soon. I got to put on my best Ted Baxter voice, lean in to the mic, and say “Hello, Richmond!” The phone rang a few times, and it was so much fun to say “Hello, WDCE.” (The call letters of the station.) Promotions were made, I got a request, a few compliments, and thankfully, no irate callers! I absolutely LOVED being on the radio. It's funny, I was up late the night before, working on the playlist, and went to bed really late, and got up even earlier. The whole short time I was unconscious, though, I had nightmares of messing up my radio show. In one, I took a quick break, and came back to find that a guy was singing karaoke on the air while a bunch of teenage girls yelled harshly in the background. I was pretty upset, and glad to wake up! It looked like the bad dream might come true when I missed the button for the mic and wasn't sure if I was even on air at first, but I got it all figured out, and had SO MUCH FUN!

It was great to bring some local tunes to the airwaves, too. I had the privilege to air some music by Lynn Hollyfield ( and a client of mine, a promising young fella who goes by the name of DJ Stalker!

If you're a musician interested in having your stuff featured, or would like to make an appearance on The Signalman, please drop me an email!

I so so so appreciate everyone listening and being so supportive of the Revolution! I'm very grateful. Y'all be good comrades, that's fo' sho! I'll be back next month, with some guests, too. Stay TUNED! HA!

Vive La Revolution,

- Josh

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