Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rock 'n Roll Haiku

Greetings, comrades!

Yesterday, randomly, became Haiku Day for my students. I was saying how writing a rock song can be like writing haiku, as one has to get a whole picture across with just a few words.

Here's what the comrades wrote:

"The Amplifier
It rocks the whole neighborhood
Hendrix would be proud"

- A.G.

"I am Charlie Sheen
Winning is my objective
I am bi-winning"

- K. R.

"Everything is cool
When you play it on the guitar
Bass sucks more than drums"

- K. S.

"Our lives suck sometimes
When you play them in a song
Then they don't suck as much"

- C. D.

"Gotta have my bowl
Gotta have my cereal
Today is Friday"

- B. N.

(Check THIS one out!)

"Josh is a cool dude
he has the best job ever
and he has cool hair"

R. L.

Good job, Comrades! You make me very proud. Or should I say...

"These comrades I train
Are totally the bomb, yo
Will rule the world soon"

- Josh

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