Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Toys 'R Us rockin' the world

"Rock 'n roll ain't no riddle now. To me, it makes good, good sense."

Hey Comrades!

You know what my favorite band of all time is? The Electric Mayhem - The house band from the Muppets.

Besides having great stage presence, they've got a totally killer sound. It's what people think rock music should sound like. It's literally a caricature of itself.

I also like the sounds that kiddie guitars from Toys R Us make. Talk about some pure voltage rock! I've got this little guitar that some kid probably got at McDonald's and then gave to me, and it's got the BEST riffs in it ever!

So, next time you're getting all stressed out about trying to beat Steve Vai at his own game, or invent a new chord voicing to knock 'em all dead - step back, and remember what the essence of rock is. If it can sound cool in Toys R Us, it can rock the world.

- Josh

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